List of Ologies in Alphabetic

Ology comes from the greek word ‘logos’. it means the “study of something”. The suffix Ology is commonly used in the English language to denote a field of study. An ology is a discipline study of science branch of knowledge.


List of Ology


List of Ologies

Definition or Meaning

1. Acarology The Study of mites
2. Actinobiology The study of the effects of radiation upon living organisms
3. Aceology Therapeutics
4. Acology Study of medical remedies
5. Aerobiology Studies organic particles that are transported by the air
6. Aerology Study of the atmosphere
7. Adenology Study of glands
8. Aedoeology science of generative organs
9. Agriology study of primitive peoples
10. Agrobiology study of plant nutrition; soil yields
11. Agrology study of soil science and production of crops.
12. Agronomics Study of productivity of land
13. Agrostology Study of grasses
14. Astrobiology study of origin of life
15. Astrogeology study of geology of celestial bodies
16. Audiology Study of hearing
17. Autecology study of the ecology of any individual species
18. anthropology study of humans
19. aphnology science of wealth
20. apiology study of bees
21. Archaeology Study of past cultures
22. Astrology study of influence of stars on people
23. astronomy study of celestial bodies
24. auxology science of growth
25. axiology study of the ultimate nature of values
26. bacteriology study of bacteria
27. barology study of gravitation
28. bibliology study of books
29. bibliotics study of documents to determine authenticity
30. bioecology study of interaction of life in the environment
31. biology study of life
32. biometrics study of biological measurement
33. botany study of plants
34. bromatology study of food
35. brontology study of thunder
36. caliology study of bird’s nests
37. calorifics study of heat
38. cardiology study of the heart
39. Cariology The study of cells
40. carpology study of fruit
41. cartography science of making maps and globes
42. cetology study of whales and dolphins
43. characterology study of development of character
44. chirography study of handwriting or penmanship
45. chirology study of the hands
46. climatology study of climate
47. cosmetology study of cosmetics
48. craniology study of the skull
49. criminology study of crime
50. Cynology study of dogs
51. cytology study of living cells
52. dactylography study of fingerprints
53. demology study of human behaviour
54. demonology study of demons
55. dendrology study of trees
56. dermatology study of skin
57. diabology study of devils
58. Dipterology study of flies
59. Ecology study of environment
60. edaphology study of soils
61. electrology study of electricity
62. entomology study of insects
63. enzymology study of enzymes
64. eremology study of deserts
65. Felinology study of cats
66. gastroenterology study of stomach
67. Gemology study of gemstones
68. Geochronology study of the age of the Earth
69. Geology study of the Earth
70. Gynecology study of medicine relating to women
71. grammatology study of systems of writing
72. graphology study of handwriting
73. gynaecology study of women’s physiology
74. Hematology study of blood
75. Hepatology study of the liver
76. Hippology study of horses
77. Hydrogeology Study of underground water
78. Hydrology Study of water
79. historiology study of history
80. hyetology science of rainfall
81. hygrology study of humidity
82. Ichthyology Study of fish
83. immunology study of immunity system
84. immunopathology study of immunity to disease
85. Lepidopterology Study of butterflies and moths
86. Lithology Study of rocks
87. Mammalogy Study of mammals
88. Meteorology Study of weather
89. Methodology Study of methods
90. Metrology Study of measurement
91. Microbiology Study of micro-organisms
92. Micrology Science of preparing and handling microscopic objects
93. Mineralogy Study of minerals
94. Myology Study of muscles
95. Myrmecology Study of ants
96. Nephology Study of clouds
97. Nephrology Study of the kidneys
98. Neurology The study of nerves
99. Oceanology Study of oceans
100. Odontology Study of the teeth
101. Oncology Study of cancer
102. Oology Study of eggs
103. Ophthalmology Study of the eyes
104. Ornithology Study of birds
105. Osteology Study of bones
106. Otology Study of the ear
107. Paleontology Study of fossils of ancient life
108. Pathology Study of illness
109. Pharmacology The study of drugs
110. Phonology The study of vocal sounds
111. Phytology Study of plants; botany
112. Phytopathology Study of plant diseases
113. Psychology Study of mental processes in living creatures
114. Psychopathology Study of mental illness or disorders
115. Seismology Study of earthquakes
116. Selenology study of the moon
117. Serology study of blood serum
118. Sexology the study of sex
119. Sitiology the study of diet
120. Sociology the study of society
121. Somnology the study of sleep
122. Technology the study of the practical arts
123. Tocology the study of childbirth
124. Topology the mathematical study of closeness and connectedness
125. Toxicology the study of poisons
126. Typology The study of classification
127. Virology the study of viruses
128. Volcanology the study of volcanoes
129. Xylology the study of wood
130. Zymology the study of fermentation
131. Zoology the study of animals
132. Zoopathology the study of animal diseases
133. Zoopsychology study of mental processes in animals