Amalgamation Of Trade Unions

Amalgamation Of Trade Unions

Amalgamation of Trade Unions: According to [Sec 24] Any two or more registered Trade Unions may become amalgamated together as one Trade Union with or without dissolution or division of the funds of such Trade Unions or either or any of them, provided that the votes of at least one-half of the members of each or every such Trade Union entitled to vote are recorded, and that at least 60% of the votes recorded are in favor of the proposal.

Amalgamation of Trade Union

 [Sec 25] 
  • In case of an amalgamation of the Trade Union, written notice of an amalgamation must be signed by secretary and 7 member of the Trade Union are required to sent to registrar of the Trade Union.
  • Trade Union name should not match with the other Trade Union names.
  • If Registrar satisfies with all requirements provided by the members of Trade Union, Registrar will change the name and the same entered in the register.

Dissolution of Trade Union [sec. 27]

  • Notice of dissolution signed by secretary and 7 member of the Trade Union, should be sent to the Registrar of the Trade Union within 14 days from the date of the dissolution of the Trade Union.
  • If registrar satisfies with provisions and rules followed by the members of the Trade Union for dissolution, he will confirm the dissolution.
  • Funds shall be divided by the Registrar among its members if there is no rules mention by the Trade Union in distribution of the funds.

Returns To The Registrar

Every registered Trade Union shall have to submit annually to the Registrar a general statement of all receipts and expenditures during the year ended the 31st day of December. Such a statement shall be accompanied by another statement containing assets and liabilities of Trade Union as existing on 31st December each year.