Communication Process: Elements of Communication

Communication process is a systematic and continuous process of telling,listing, and understanding a message.

  1. The communication first of all,formulates a clear idea about facts,opinion or information he wants to convey.
  2. The idea is then translated by him into words,symbols or some other from of message which he expects the receiver to understand.
  3. The communication selects a suitable media for the transmission of the message for better understand.
  4. The message is then receive by the communicative. He tries to understand it by decoding the message.

Communication Process

communication process

Elements of Communication

  • Source: Shannon calls this element the “information source”, which “produces a message or sequence of messages to be communicated to the receiving terminal.”
  • Sender: Sender is the person who sends the message or idea to the receiver. Sender is the source of any communication and communication takes place based on him.
  • Encoding: Encoding means the process of putting thought into symbolic form which can be understood by another person to whom the sender wants to communicate the idea. In other word, encoding means converting the idea into a understandable message.
  • Message: Message is the set of symbols that the sender transmits to the receiver through the media or channel. We exchange messages in oral, written and symbolic form.
  • Channel: communication channel through which the message moves from sender to receiver. It bridges the gap between the sender and the receiver. We use different types of media for transmitting messages like letter, newspapers, radio, TV, telephone, fax, e-mail etc.
  • Receiver: Receiver is the person who receives the message or for whom the message is meant for. It is the receiver who tries to understand the message in the best possible manner in achieving the desired objectives.
  • Decoding: The person who receives the message or symbol from the communicator tries to convert the same in such a way so that he may extract its meaning to his complete understanding.
  • Feedback: Feedback is the process of ensuring that the receiver has received the message and understood in the same sense as sender meant it.Finally the effectiveness of communication is measured through feedback.