What is Selection Process?

Selection process is usually a series of hurdles or steps. The basic idea is to solicit maximum possible information about the candidates to ascertain their suitability for employment. Since the type of information required for various positions may vary, it id possible that selection process may have different steps for various positions. So, a standard selection process consists of the following steps:

  1. Screening of Applicants (Application Forms):Prospective employees have to fill up some sort of applications forms or application banks.These form have variety of information about the applicants like their personal bio-data,achievements,experience, etc. Such information is used to screen the applicants who are found to be qualified for the consideration of employment.
  2. Selection Tests: Many organizations hold different kinds of selection tests to know more about the candidates or to reject the candidates who cannot be called for interview, etc. Selection tests normally supplement the information provided in the application forms. Such forms may contain factual information about candidates. Selection tests may give information about their aptitude, interests,personality, etc., Which cannot be known by the application forms.
  3. Selection Interviews: Selection tests are normally followed by personal interview of the candidates. The basic idea here is to find out overall suitability of candidates for the jobs. It also provides opportunity to give relevant information about the organization to the candidates. In many cases, interview of preliminary nature can be conducted before the selection tests.
  4. Medical Examination: Certain jobs require unusual stamina,strength or tolerance of hard working conditions. A physical examination reveals whether or not a candidate possesses thse qualities. It brings out deficiencies, not as a basis of rejection but as a positive aid ti selective placement and as indicating restrictions on his transfer to other positions. The basic purpose of a physical examination is to place persons in jobs which they can handle without injury or damage to their health. Candidates are medically examined either by the company’s physician or by a medical officer approved by the company for the purpose.
  5. Reference Check and Background Verification: Many organizations ask the candidates to provide the name of reference from whom more information about the candidates can be solicited. Such information may be related to character, working, etc. The usual reference may be previous employers; persons associated with the educational institutions from where the candidate’s behaviour and ability. In our country reference are not given adequate importance because of their business but these can give very useful information, which may not be available otherwise.
  6. Hiring Decision or Approval by Appropriate Authority: On the basis of the steps, suitable candidates are recommended for selection by the selection committee or personnel department. Through such a committee or personnel department may have authority to select the candidates finally, often it has staff authority to recommend the candidates for selection to the appropriate authority. Organization may designate the various authorities for approval of final selection of candidates for different categories of candidates. When the approval is received, the candidates are informed about their selection and asked to report for duty to specified persons.