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  • Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP Life Cycle

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. ERP is usually referred to as a category of business-management software — typically a suite of integrated applications—that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from these many business activities. Enterprise resource planning systems track business […]

  • What is Retailing? Functions and Importance of Retailing

    Retailing The origin of word ‘retail’ is related to the French word ‘retaillier’ Which means ‘to break the bulk’ or ‘to cut a piece off’. In the process of distribution, the products move from the manufacturers to the final customers. Several intermediaries or middlemen are involved in this process and the retailers are the last ones. […]

  • Definition of Wholesalers

    Definition of Wholesalers

    According to American Marketing Association__”  Wholesalers sell to retailers or other merchants and or industrial, institutional and commercial users but they do not sell in the significant amount to ultimate consumers”. According to S.E.Thomas___”  The wholesalers or the wholesaler’s trader is a trader, who purchases goods in large quantities from manufacturers and resells to retailers […]

  • Types of Marketing Channels

    Marketing Channels types Marketing channels types are the ways that goods and services are made available for use by the consumers. All goods go through channels of distribution, and your marketing will depend on the way your goods are distributed. The route that the product takes on its way from production to the consumer is […]

  • Logistics Definition: Objectives and Nature of Logistics

    Meaning and Definition of Logistics According to Council of Logistics Management (CLM)___” Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw material in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of confirming customer requirements”. According to Robert A. Novack___” Logistics […]

  • What is Marketing Channels? Nature Importance

    Marketing channels are the route between producers and users through which goods are distributed. This route is also known as Distribution Channel, Channel of Distribution or Trade Channel. In case of services, the distribution channel is direct, since the services are intangible in nature. A distribution channel generally requires a buyer and seller. Meaning and Definition of Marketing Channels […]

  • What is Sales Display?

    Sales display is in-store presentations and exhibitions of the products along with relevant information, believing in the concept of ‘’come and get it, we have it’’. Effective displays increase the interest of the shoppers in the products on display and lead to increasing the level of the pass-by ratio and hence sales.  Sales displaying have […]

  • What is Physical Distribution?

    What is Physical Distribution?

    Physical distribution is a crucial element of the marketing mix. Marketers must use distribution with other elements of the marketing mix to generate a profitable product. It is a component of the logistics process. Several activities are involved in logistics like packaging, information addition, material handling, transportation, inventory, and warehousing. The needs of customers as […]

  • Sales Promotion: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Sales Promotion: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Sales Promotion Advantages The major sales promotion advantages are briefly explained below: Getting New Customers for Existing Product: Every organization strives to acquire more customers for its existing products. The job of the organization is to extend incentives at the right time so that new customers are attracted to the existing products. Stimulating Middlemen: It is necessary […]

  • Sales Promotion Tools

    Sales Promotion Tools

    The two types of sales promotion tools consumers are as follows: 1. Consumer-oriented Promotion Tools 2. Trade-oriented Sales Promotion. For consumer as well as middlemen promotion, different sales promotion tools are utilized. They are as follows: Sales Promotion Tools 1. Consumer Promotion Consumer-based sales promotion focuses on increasing the usage of a product among current […]