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  • What is Sales Promotion?

    What is Sales Promotion?

    Sales promotion is a very important component of marketing, especially the promotion mix. In actuality, it acts as an instant stimulus for prospective buyers. It helps in increasing sales for the short-term period, however, it is not helpful enough to generate long-term customer loyalty. It is designed for potential customers, distribution channels, and also for […]

  • Definition of Promotion: Objectives and Importance

    Meaning and Definition of Promotion According to Philip Koyler___” Promotion compasses all the tools in the marketing mix whose major role is persuasive communication”. According to Stanton___” Promotion includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and other selling tools”. Objectives of Promotion To Modify Behaviour: The primary objective of any promoting programme is to modify the thought process and behaviour […]

  • Customer Satisfaction

    ‘Customer satisfaction’ is basically used to measure how well the expectations of a customer are fulfilled by utilizing the products and services of a company. Customer satisfaction acts as an important performance indicator of a business and is also one of the four perspectives that together constitute a ‘balanced scorecard’. In other words, customer satisfaction […]

  • Total Quality Management: Principles and Advantages

    Total Quality Management: Principles and Advantages

    Total Quality Management To understand the concept of Total quality management it’s better first to understand the three words constituting the concept, Total Quality, and Management. Total: Everyone in the organization is involved in creating and maintaining the quality of the service and products offered by the organization. It is a comprehensive way of dealing with complex […]

  • Services Marketing Environment

    Service Marketing Environment means the surrounds, external objects, influences, or circumstances under which someone or something exists. The environment of any organization is the aggregate of all conditions, events, and influences that surround affect it. Since the environment influences an organization in many ways its understanding is of crucial importance. The concept of environment can be […]

  • Service Marketing: Importance, Factors Influencing

    Service Marketing: Importance, Factors Influencing

    Service marketing is a form of marketing approach for them is much different than the approach for products. Some companies offer both products and services and must use a mixer of styles Ex: A store that sells computers also trends to also help people select computers and provide computer repair. Such a store must market both […]

  • Classification of Services

    Services Classification Services classification on the basis of following factors: 1. By Market Segment Following types of services are there according to the types of the market served or ultimate customers: End Consumer Services:  The services which are bought by the customers for self-consumption are termed as ‘end consumer services’ For example, hair cutting, beauty […]

  • Definition of Services: Characteristics of Services

    Meaning and Definition of Services Services are provided by the seller to the buyer in exchange for money but it does not provide the owner of the service provided to the buyer, only values are exchanged. As per the marketing experts, the term service’ is not limited to personal service. The scope of the service […]

  • Difference between Goods and Services

    Difference between Goods and Services There is a lot of different goods and services and it can be seen thro0ugh the difference between their various significant features. It refers to tangible items which can be touched and demonstrated; they are fascinating and can be traded or exchanged. Thus goods are material, can be taken away […]

  • Ejusdem Generis and Noscere Social Interpretation of Statues

    Ejusdem Generis This expression specifies that all the general word contains in the statute may be interpreted with references to the predecessor matter and the interpretation may be narrowed down by treating them as applying to the things of the same kind of items as the specific words. The literal meaning of the term Ejusdem […]