High Court vs Supreme Court

High Court is the highest judicial body at the state or union territory level. Its jurisdiction is restricted to a state, union territory, and sometimes two or more states or union territories. Its powers include appellate jurisdiction, original jurisdiction, and powers of issuing the writ, orders, directories, etc.

The government of India comprises three branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. The Indian judiciary is an independent branch; the other two branches cannot interfere in the domain of the Judiciary. Thus courts play an important role in protecting the constitution and give judgment or verdict in civil and criminal cases. In India, there are courts at various levels, e.g. Supreme at the top level, the High Court at the state level, and District Court at the tehsil level.

Differences Between the High Court and the Supreme Court

High Court Supreme Court
It is the apex body, that governs the State’s administration, headed by the Chief Justice of the state. It is the primary court of justice in the country and it is headed by the Chief Justice of India
The Judges are appointed by the President in consultation with the Chief Justice of India and the Governor of the state in question According to the Constitution of India, every Judge shall be appointed by the President by warrant under his/her hand and seal after consultation with such of the Judges of the Supreme and the High Court in the States.
Judges will retire at the age of 62 years Judge retires at the age of 65
It has authority over all the other courts under its jurisdiction, which in turn is limited by the boundary of the concerned state The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over all the courts and tribunals of the country
It is headed by the Chief Justice of the State It is headed by the Chief Justice of India
There is a Chief Justice and many other judges. The number of judges appointed is defined by the President of India It has made provisions where four more judges can be appointed. It increased the strength from 31 to 34 including the Chief Justice of India

High Court vs Supreme Court

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