Maharashtra State Symbols

Maharashtra State Symbols

Maharashtra State Government have revealed five symbols to be used in acceptable places and acceptable occasions to represent the state. These symbols the image of the state categorical its policy, tell concerning its wealth and virtues within the terms of Animal, Bird, Flower, Tree and newly added Flying Insect (Butterfly).

State Animal

Indian giant squirrel

Indian giant squirrel

State Bird

Yellow-footed green pigeon (Treron phoenicoptera)

Yellow-footed green pigeon

State Butterfly

Blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor)

Blue Mormon 

State Flower

Pride of India/Jarul (Lagerstroemia speciosa)


State Tree

Mango Tree (Mangifera indica)

mango tree

Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular region of India occupying a substantial portion of the Deccan Plateau. It is the 2nd most populous state and 3rd largest state by area in India. Spread over 307,713 km2, It is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west, the Indian states of Karnataka and Goa to the south, Telangana to the southeast and Chhattisgarh to the east, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh to the north, and the Indian union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli to the north west.

The Godavari and the Krishna are the two major rivers in the state. The Narmada and Tapi Rivers flow near the border between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Maharashtra is the third-most urbanised state of India.

Maharashtra is the wealthiest state by all major economic parameters and also the most industrialised state in India. The state continues to be the single largest contributor to the national economy with a share of 15% in the country’s gross domestic product. Maharashtra accounts for 17% of the industrial output of the country and 16% of the country’s service sector output. The economy of Maharashtra is the largest state economy in India with 24.96 lakh crore in GDP. It has the ninth highest ranking among Indian states in human development index.