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What is the Full form of NOC?

NOC full form is a No Objection Certificate and is issued to lift any restriction. No Objection Certificate is required to lift any stop-work order and would help you to continue on your job. It is important to get your No Objection Certificate at the right to resume work. It means that the case lodged with you is over and is an essential tool of legal protection.

Most government organizations require this certification. For example, it may be used for a lawsuit, employment, trade, immigration, and similar purposes to nullify any objection by the party concerned in the process. Furthermore, it can be used for or against in a court of law. It contains the details of the parties involved, and it is addressed to whosoever is concerned.

Format of NOC

It is a letter document certifying that the person has cleared his loans and dues. The format contains:

  • To Whom It May concern,
  • This is to certify that Mr. XXX, resident of XXX, is the owner of this property/land XXX with property identification number XXX and containing an area of around XXX square.
  • Certified further that XXX interposes no objection to the XXX of the aforementioned property.
    This NOC is issued on the day of XXX and is evidence of the clearance of his dues.
  • Signature
  • Date

Importance of NOC

The basic premise for issuing a NOC is to clear the person from any debts. It is a legally valid document that can be produced in court. For example, It is issued by an employer to an employee, to students for getting admission in another institution.

Advantages of NOC

  • It is a legal document indicating that a person, organization, agency, or institution does not respond to the information stated in the document.
  • It can also be used for lawsuits, education, trade, immigration, and several other reasons to neutralize any complaint in the process by the responsible party.
  • In the court of law, such legal documents can be used for or against the situation. NOC typically consists of some necessary information of the parties concerned, and it is addressed to all individuals involved.

NOC -No Objection Certificate


Let’s consider an example of an individual purchasing a vehicle that’s registered in another state, say in Bihar, being used in another state, say in Delhi. In this situation, the vehicle’s seller must obtain a NOC from the Bihar RTO and give that to the vehicle’s buyer in Delhi.