World Consumer Right Day

The World Consumer Rights Day was observed globally on March 15. The Day was first observed on March 15, 1983. Since then, every year, the day is observed as World Consumer Rights Day. To protect the rights of the consumers. The day aims to raise awareness about a consumer’s needs and rights and ensure that they are not subjected to social injustice or market abuse that may undermine their rights.

The theme of 2020 is ‘The Sustainable Consumer’. The theme highlights the need for sustainable consumption globally and the important role of consumer rights and protection. Each year a different theme is chosen to address different concerns regarding the consumers.

This Anniversary is commemorated by countries across the world by holding conferences on human rights and conducting discussions on various ways to protect consumer rights. The 2020 theme aims to spread awareness about environmental breakdown and global climate changes.

world Consumers Day March 15

The 2019 theme was ‘Trusted Smart Products’. The theme highlighted what the consumers needed from IoT products like smartphones and wearables.

Themes of World Consumer Rights Day

  • 2013: Consumer Justice Now
  • 2014: Fix Our Phone Rights! Theme: Consumer Justice Now!
  • 2015: Helping consumers choose healthy diets
  • 2016: antibiotics off the menu
  • 2017: Building a Digital World Consumers can Trust
  • 2018: Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer
  • 2019:Trusted smart products
  • 2020: The Sustainable Consumer
  • 2021: Tackle Plastic Pollution.

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