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Difference Between Entrepreneur and Manager

Entrepreneur and manager, these two terms that are often used in management parlance, although they sound similar but are different in their functioning. Both of these help in the proper organization, control, and management of the enterprise.

The most prominent difference between entrepreneurs and managers is the position that they hold in an organization. An entrepreneur is the owner of the business concern while the manager is an employee of the business concern.

Difference Between Entrepreneur and Manager

Comparison Entrepreneur Manager
Meaning An entrepreneur is a person who builds a new organization by procuring resources and working for aprofit. The manager is an individual who takes the responsibility of controlling and administering the organization.
Focus Business startup Ongoing operations
Primary motivation Achievement Power
Approach to task Informal Formal
Status Owner Employee
Reward Profit Salary
Decision making Intuitive Calculative
Driving force Creativity and Innovation Preserving status quo
Risk orientation Risk taker Risk-averse

It is quite clear that an entrepreneur and a manager are two different persons in an organization. So they cannot be juxtaposed. While managers are concerned with managing available resources, entrepreneur focuses on spotting and capitalizing on opportunities.

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