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What are the Attributes of Front Office Staff?

Attributes of front office staff is habitual courtesy. It is their manner rather than their words which wishes welcome to the arriving guest and the well groomed staff who steps forward to greet the visitor in a cultured, well modulated voice and with a pleasant smile, displaying simple courtesy and tact, carries a charm which will impress all visitors.

Attributes of a Front Office Personnel

          A high sense of Personnel Grooming

  1. Uniforms of the front office staff must b clean and neatly pressed
  2. Hairs of the front office staff should be well groomed.
  3. Nails of the front office personnel should be properly trimmed
  4. It is essential for the front office staff to take bath regularly and use a soft deodorant.
  5. Jeweler should be restricted for the ladies and should be banned for males

A high sense of Personnel Hygiene

The front office personnel should have a clear appearance that is essential for the proper projection of good image of the hotel in front of the hotel

          A Strong Feeling of Self Confidence

It is extremely essential that the front office staff should have the self confidence to meet the guests coming from different countries and different culture and language and make them feel comfortable in the hotel.

          Excellent communication Skills

The front office staff should know International language and a local language of the place where the hospitality property located. Hence, it becomes important for the front desk people to have a foreign language in order to deal with the guests coming from the different countries.

Diplomatic in Approach

It is again an essential quality of the front office personnel to have a diplomatic approach towards the guests I order to diffuse any type of tension, which may occur due to the poor service of the hotel.

A good memory and ability

It is rare attribute present in very few of the front office staffs and this ability differentiates the good front office staff from the average because the guests feel extremely happy if they being addressed by their names.

          Good Manners

Good manners are the essence of hospitality and will thus attract more guests and will thus maintain the good will of the hotel and the industry at large. Good gestures on the behalf of the front office personnel help in creating a good image on the guests coming to hospitality property.

          Physical Fitness

Front office operations require that the front office personal should be physically fit and active so that they are able to serve the guest with smile and pleasure.

          Improvisation and Decision making ability

The front office staff has the ability to improvise and solve the various problems of the guests requiring quick decision making ability and at the same time take care that the interest of the organization is not at stake.

Thus, repaid improvisation skills help the front office agent to making quick decisions according to the demand of the situation.