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What are the Components of front office?

Components of front office are explained below:


The reservation section is very important section of front office as this section deals with the important job of booking rooms for the free individual traveler guests as well as groups.

The staffs of the reservation deportment take bookings from the guest through various ways such as letters, fax, telephones as well as e-mail.

The staffs of the reservation department maintain an accurate room inventory information and also maintain an up-to-date inventory list of the available rooms for the various dates.

The reservation staffs also take various group bookings such as airline crew bookings as well as other corporate group bookings and thus earn valuable revenue for the hotel.


The reception are the registration department is one of the most important section of the front office as this staff of this section remain direct contact with the guest right from time of their arrival till their time of departure.

The reception staffs welcome the guests on their arrival at the hotel and register in the hotel and assign guestrooms to guests in the hotel.

The reception staffs assign rooms to guests coming with reservations as well as guests coming without reservation.

Thus the reception staff maintain a through guest contact during the stay of the guest at the hotel in order to ensure that the guest do not face any sort of problems during their say at the hotel.


The cash section of the front office also plays an important role as this section maintains the various accounts of the guest during their stay at the hotel.

The cash section of the front office ensures that all the expenditure incurred by the guests during the stay at the hotel properly recorded in the accounts of guests.

The cash section also ensures the various accounts of the guest are the accurate and complete regularly by the process of the night.

The cash section also prepares various reports such as daily operation report occupancy report as well as manager’s report and various other reports important from the point of management.

Bell Desk

The bell desk is also an important department which is generally included as a section in front office of the hotel.

This is also a very important section of the front office as the bell attendants are the first staff’s with whom the guests are in contact the moment the entire the body of the hotel.

The bell attendants help the guests to help them in the transportation of the luggage from the lobby to the guestrooms to the lobby during the arrival and departure of the guests.

The bell attendants also perform various other important duties such as supplying magazines and newspapers to the guestrooms as well as paging the names of the guests on paging boards in the lobby as well as in other public areas.

The bell attendants also sell stamps to the guests on demand as well as do various jobs for the guests within the hotels as well as outside of the hotel on request.

Telephone Exchange

The telephone exchange is also a very important section the front office as it performs the important job of directing the various incoming as well as outgoing telephone calls of the hotel.

The telephone exchange staffs also   compile the bills of the guests incurring various STD as well as ISD call charges.

The telephone exchange also performs the very important function placing the various wake-up calls for the guests on request.

The information section is also an important part of the front office as this section plays an important role in providing valuable information to the guests regarding the hotel city and the country at the large.

The information section has a concierge as its important whose main duty is to provide information various travel related as well as other types of information to the guests as well as bookings tickets for the guests in various concerts as well as various other important events going around in the city.