Coordination of Front Office with other Departments

Coordination of front office with other Departments in a Hotel

As soon as a guest enters the hotel, the bellboy escorts him to the reception. After the guest registers himself the bellboy again escorts him to the room along with the room key. The bellboy shows the operation of various equipment in the room to the guest and places the luggage in the luggage rack in the room.

Lobby: Bellboy carries the guest luggage down from the room and informs the cashier about guest check out so that the cashier prepares the bill.

Shifting: Sometimes guests request front office for a change of room. In such cases the bellboy helps in shifting the luggage from one room to another.

Scanty Baggage: Skippers are those guests who leave the hotel without settling their bills. They come with very less luggage so that to avoid bringing to the attention of bellboy of a secret checkout. The bellboy informs to the front office to be very alert with the scanty baggage guests. The front office in turn collects necessary advance from the guests.

Message: If there is any message that has to be passed on to the guest , the front office informs the bellboy to deliver the same.

Housekeeping: Room Report: The housekeeping staff makes a physical check of all the rooms on every floor and gives the status form of a report known as I room report.

  • Discrepancy Report: this is sent by the front office to housekeeping after receiving the occupancy report from the housekeeping department. The front office staff then tallies the occupancy report with room rack and if there is any difference is noted, the front office sends the bellboy for a physical check of all the rooms that are noted. After the physical check of the rooms the bellboy gives the actual status of rooms to the front office. Then the front office gives the actual status of all these rooms to housekeeping in from of a report known as the discrepancy report.
  • Occupancy Status: After reconciling the room’s status with the housekeeping report, the front office compiles the data on the occupancy position of the day in form of a report known as night room report and is prepared by the receptionist during the night.
  • Room Clearance: When the guest checks out the front office immediately informs the housekeeping personnel on the floors to clean the rooms and makes it ready for the next sale. This information is controlled on a departure control sheet. The housekeeping in return would have to inform the front office immediately after the rooms have been cleaned and made ready for sale to the guests.


Room Service: Room Service is kept closely intimated about arrivals & departures of guests.  It is a department that provides food & beverage to the rooms and must be informed in order to make the bills accordingly.

Special arrangements for groups &VIPs: The front office informs the room service through the OVIP Amenities Voucher and a list of VIPs expected to arrive in the hotel so that special service is extended to the guests. Room service provides complimentary fruit baskets, liquor, pastries, etc. and whatever gestures the establishment wishes to extend the VIPs as per their policy.

Accounts: Front office cashier: The front office cashier receives payments for guest staying in a hotel. This is the point where all bills generated by the guest are received to be included in the overall bill. Close coordination between lobby staff and the cashier is very important. The bell captain must inform the cashier about the intended checkout of the guest so that bill are updated and kept ready for presentation. At the same time the cashier is also informed of a new arrival by the reception. By opening or forwarding a new folio with the guest name, giving room number and time of check–in with defined billing instructions the cashier places it in the bill tray against the appropriate room number.

  • Night Auditor: The night auditor audits all guest bills, receipts, front office cash, and prepares and summaries in form of a report known as the Daily Summary Report for the day.
  • City Ledger: This is the section, which receives bill from front office that has extended as per previous arrangements between hotel and guests. This department follows up with individuals of the company for the payment of outstanding bills.


  • Arrivals &Departures: This is another deportment that is informed immediately about arrivals and departures of guests so that when a call comes for a particular guest, it is easy for the telephone operator to connect the call accordingly.

Engineering: This department is responsible for any maintenance of furniture, fixtures, equipment and rectifying faults in the services provided like air-conditioning, plumbing, etc. Sometimes when a guest losses his room key, then the workshop of engineering department makes duplicate key from key blanks by changing the location of the leaver by altering the key lock plan of hotel.

Stores: Store is responsible for supplying of relevant forms & formats and any other stationary.

Sales & Marketing: There is a close coordination between front office and sales & marketing department especially in improving room sales on lean occupancy days. The front office also informs the sales and marketing personnel whenever an important guest who influences the business of the hotel checks-in so that special attention is given to him.