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Group Reservation Process in Hotel Rooms

Group Reservation Process in Hotel Rooms:

  • Most hotels around the world have a large number of guests coming in groups and these groups are of major importance to the hotels from the point of view of the revenue generation
  • The various types of groups visiting hotels are airline crew members, corporate groups for seminars, conferences, or conventions, education groups of students or professionals travel groups of vacationers or holidaymakers, or religious travelers
  • Thus, the hotels take great care while handling the reservation requests of the groups as the groups give a huge magnitude of revenue to the hotels.

Steps in the Group Reservation Process

  1. The hotel first receives the reservation inquiry in front of the group either through the group leader or through the intermediary agent by telephone, fax, and letter or through personal meetings.
  2. The reservation personnel then enquire about the dates of arrival and departure of the group to and from the hotel.
  3. Then the reservation agent enquires about the type and number of rooms requested by the group on the rising specified date.
  4. Then the reservation agent matches the reservation request of the group with the availability of the accommodation product and this is done with the help of tools of availability such as an Advance Letting Chart Density Control Chart Room Status Board or computer
  5. If the reservation request does not match room availability, the reservation agent suggests alternative dates or guestroom types to the group
  6. If the reservation requests match the room availability, the reservation agent discusses areas with the group leader or the intermediary agent about the number of rooms to be kept aside for the group as a Block and then decides the cutoff date with the reservation agent which in agreed upon date between both the parties according to which the group leader has to reserve all the guestrooms of the block by the cutoff date and after the date specified, the hotel is free to release all the unreserved rooms of the block in the general room inventory pool.
  7. Finally, the reservation agent gives a confirmation number to the group leader or the intermediary agent involved in the process of the group reservation
  8. The Reservation agent then sends the letter of confirmation of the group reservation to the group leader or to the intermediary agent.