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Classifications of Hotels

Hotel Definition

A Hotel can be defined as established whose primary purpose is to provide accommodation services to a bonafide traveller and other services such as food and beverage services, housekeeping services. Laundry services and uniformed services.

Hotels Types

Downtown Hotels :- These Hotels Located in the heart of cities and towns. E.g Blue Diamond, Oberai Grand. These hotels are also known as “Commercial Hotels”, “City Hotels “ or “Business hotels”. These hotels mostly cater to the businessmen, tour groups, Individual tourists and small conference groups.

Airport Hotels:- These hotels as the name suggests are located in the close vicinity to the international and domestic airports of major cities and towns. E.g. Airport Ashok (Kolkata). These hotels cater primarily to the airline passengers with cancelled flights and airline crew members. Generally the guests in these hotels stay for a very short duration which is usually one or two days. These hotels are well furnished guest rooms with restaurants and coffee shops and offer various other facilities such as, airport pick up and drop through the hotel owned cars and buses which is very important for the passengers, and crew members.

Resorts:-Resorts are hotels which are located in exotic location, such as beaches hill stations, forests and so on and thus are famous for their scenic beauty. E.g, Fort Aguada resort (Goa), Vanya Villa (Ranthambore). The resorts mostly cater to leisure travellers, families, holiday makers and vacations who visit that special category of hotels in enjoy their vacations.

Motels:- The motel is an American concept and has originated from word “Motor Hotel”. Those hotesl are located on the national highways and other important roads and mostly cater to various passer bys on the highways and especially to the guests arriving at the hotel by automobile. These have enough parking of the vehicles of the guests and other visitors.

Suburban Hotels :- The Suburban hotels are the name suggests are hotels which are located on the outskirts of the cities and towns. E.g, JAYAPEE Palace (Agra). These hotels generally cater to the official and business groups who want to held conference and seminars in a peaceful and calm environment away from the cities.

Casino Hotels:-  Casino hotels are a special class of hotels which cater to the needs of the guest who are interested i gambling. E.g Gamblers Paradice (Arizona , USA). These hotels are very common in United States of America and offer a vast range of gambling facilities with the casinos of the hotels operating 24 hours a day throughout the year and there is a major source of revenue for these hotels.

Suite Hotels:-  These hotels according to the mane have either all suite rooms or majority of the rooms as suites. E.g. Grand Hyatt (New Delhi). These hotels cater to lawyers, elite class of businessman, Film personalities, politicians and various executives. Number of facilities is available in this category.

Boutique Hotels:- Boutique hotels in India are few small hotels located throughout the country and are targeted to rich class of businessmen and vacationers who visit the hotels for hideaway and gateway. E.g. The park (Kolkata, Visakhapatnam) DeL’Orient (Pondicherry)