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Receiving Massages in Front Office

The information desk in front office plays main functions. They are:-

  1. Index racks
  2. Receiving Messages for guests in telephone
  3. Guest room Keys
  4. Guest packages, mails etc,.
  5. Providing Information to guests.

Receiving Messages

          When a person wants to leave a message for a guest staying in the hotel who is not available at a particular point of time, the information assistant hands over message slip or assists the guest in recording details such as the named the guest addressed his or her room number, time that the message was recorded the message, the visitors name and the information assistants signature. The message is taken down in duplicated. While the original in the appropriate key rack the duplicate is sent to the room itself and slipped under the door. Modern hotel have a message light system. At the information is a panel with all room numbers listed each with a message button. Once each message button on depressed a message light flashes in the room as well as on the panel. The message light is located at the room console or at the foyer light switches. This light the flashes on the panel behind the information section enable to a guest to collect the message when he collects the key from the information rack.

Some times a guest staying in the hotel may want to leave a message for a visitor who may come in person or may call. This slip is inserted into the room slot in the key rack. The color of the slip is a code to the information assistant to refer the slip should someone wish to contact the guest. The message should be also be informed to the telephone operator and the operator’s number and the time is recorded. The telephone operator informs the message over the phone to the expected visitor of the guest when chooses to solicit the same over the phone.