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Introduction to the Reservations Section/System

The Reservation Section is a vital part of the front office department of a hotel and it plays an important role in the sale of guestrooms by taking future room bookings and thus plays an important role in generation of revenue for the hotel.

Main Functions of Reservation Section

  • Receiving the reservation request from the guest.
  • Checking the room availability for accepting the reservation request.
  • To process the reservation conformation to the guests and keeping a record of the same
  • Communicating the reservation confirmation to guests and keeping a record of the same
  • Processing reservation modifications and cancellations according to the request of the guests and also according to the availability of guestrooms.
  • Ensure full occupancy of the guestrooms of the hotel by taking future reservations
  • Processing individual and group reservation separately.

Importance of Reservation Section

  • The reservation section gives the hotel a chance to equate the guest inquiry with the room’s availability and thus, the hotel sufficient time to arrange and prepare for the most suitable accommodation for the guests.
  • The section also forecasts and gives good indication of the level of business and revenue generation of that the hotel might get in future. Preparing staff scheduling in future.
  • The main importance of the reservation section is that it sells the main perishable product of the hotel i.e., room and increase the chance of revenue earning for the hotel.

Modes of Reservation

Verbal Mode

  • Prospective guests may telephone the hotel directly. This is the most common method of direct reservation communications.

Written Modes

  • Mail: Written requests for reservations are common for group, tour and conventional business. Generally, mail requests are sent directly to the reservation department of the destination property.
  • Telex, Cable, fax, e-mail and other: Telex is often used to communicate the international reservation requests. Cables fax and other methods of communication account for a small proportion of total reservation transactions.