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Types of Reservation in Hotel

Definition: It is a mutual agreement between the guest and the hotel in which the guest hires accommodation from the hotel at a given time for a given time.

Reservation Types

  • Conformed reservation

A conformed reservation is a reservation in which the hotel has acknowledged the room request of a guest on a particular date for a specified duration and is able to assure the guest of the accommodation in the property on the requested guestroom category

  • Unconfirmed Reservation

An unconfirmed reservation is a reservation is which the hotel has a acknowledge the room request of the guest but is not able to assure the guest about holding the guestroom for the specific date to unavailable of the requested guestroom.

Confirmed Guaranteed Reservation

  • A guaranteed reservation assures the guest that the hotel will hold a room until a specific time (check out time) of the day following the guests scheduled arrival date.
  • The guest in turn, guaranteed to pay for the room, even it is not used.
  • The guaranteed reservation provide some protection for the hotels revenue even in the case of the no show, a situation I which a guest makes a reservation but does not register or cancel.

Types of Guaranteed Reservation

The guest may pay in advance of minimum of total amount of the room, the payment mode is in different channels. They areā€¦

  • Prepayment
  • Credit Card
  • Advance Deposit
  • Travel Agent
  • Voucher or Miscellaneous Charge Order
  • Corporate

Confirmed Non Guaranteed Reservation

  • A non-guaranteed reservation assures the guests that the hotel will hold a room a stated reservation canceled hour on the day arrival
  • This type of reservation does not guarantee that the property will receive payment for no shows
  • Thus, if the guest does not arrive by the cancellation hour, the hotel is free to releases the room for sale.
  • If the guest arrives after the cancellation hour will accommodate the guest if a room is available.