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Job Enrichment

Job enrichment is defined as the vertical expansion of a job. It means increasing the motivation of an employee by enriching the job by increasing giving more responsibility, autonomy and control in execution of the job. Job enrichment gives an opportunity to an employee to learn more on the job and help achieve their career goals by personal and professional development.

Definition of Job Enrichment

According to Beatty and Schneider___”Job enrichment is a motivational technique which emphasizes the need for challenging and interesting work. It suggests that jobs be redesigned so that intrinsic satisfaction is derived from doing the job. In its best applications, it leads to a vertically enhanced job by adding functions from other organizational levels, making it contain more variety and challenge and offer autonomy and pride to the employee“.

Job Enrichment


1. Direct Feed Back: There should be a direct feed back of the employees performance. Employees should be able to get immediate knowledge of the results they are achieving. The job evaluation can be inbuilt in the job or provided by a supervisor.

2. Client Relationships: When an employee serves a client or customer directly, he has an enriched job. The client can be outside the organization or inside.

3. New Learning: An enriched job allows the employee to learn more. He should feel that he is growing mentally. An employee, who is doing some intellectual work, is having an enriched job.

4. Scheduling Own Work: Freedom to schedule one’s own work contributes to enrichment. Deciding when to tackle which assignment is an example of self scheduling. Employees who perform Creative work have more opportunity to schedule their assignments as compared to employees performing routine jobs.

Advantages of Job Enrichment

  1. It gives employees more motivation at workplace with added responsibilities.
  2. It reduces repetitive work and plays an important hand in reducing attrition at workplace.
  3. It paves way for career growth for an employee.
  4. More decision making capabilities helps the employee develop leadership qualities.
  5. Job satisfaction is enhanced when a job is enriched by more skills

Disadvantages of Job Enrichment

  1. With too much responsibility & power with the employee, the company can lose control.
  2. Job enrichment can overburden an employee and can adversely cause dissatisfaction.