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What are the Limitations of Management?

Management Limitations

Management limitations are explained below, These are the disadvantages and drawbacks to the management.

  1. Changing nature: The principles of management are not static; with the growth of science and technology, the concepts of management are also changing. Old ideas are being eliminated and new ideas being innovated, old products are being out and new products are being put on the market and now likes and dislikes are developing every year. Similarly, modern and scientific management it taking place of traditional management.
  2. Narrow concept: The narrow outlook of managers is also an important limitation of management. The habit of getting work done by others develops dictatorship and authoritarian attitude among the managers. Moreover work load is unnecessarily increased due to concentration of power in few hands only.
  3. Changing social needs: Management is a social science. It studies social needs which are always subject to change due to which the society becomes more extracting and demanding while the management fails to fulfill the society’s changing needs. Therefore, management should change its principles and policies as the society dictates.
  4. Related to human behavior: Management is related with human behavior and the same is changing. Different groups and different men, even in the same group of people behave differently under different circumstances. According to Oliver Sheldon, “Management principles may be waste paper, where human beings are concerned.”
  5. Profit oriented concept: Another important limitation of management is that, it is actuated by self-interest and pecuniary consideration. Managers give priority to their own interests, progress and profit as against the interest, progress and profit of the enterprise.
  6. Principles of management: Principles of management are not static in nature. The concepts about management changes with the development of science and technology. New ideas are innovated, new products being put on the market, new likes and dislikes are developing every year. So what was successful in 2015 may lead to failure in 2016. Thus, a great deal of adjustment is to be done to cope with the changing times.