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Marketing vs Branding

Marketing and Branding are both interrelated terms in marketing management. The activities are used to bring awareness of a product or company among people. They are so closely interconnected that people often do not realize the difference between marketing and branding.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a process that involves identifying potential customers, analyzing their needs, targeting them with the product and services, and inculcating an interest to buy a product or service. Marketing is a process that brings both the company and the customers together to exchange goods and services. The aim of marketing is not only selling a product or service but also building a relationship with the customer, maintaining that relationship, and generating revenue for a long time. The essential elements of marketing, the 4Ps – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion determine the growth of a product that leads to profitable sales.

What is Branding?

Branding is an amalgamation of different things like name, logo, sign, and slogan that helps the customers to recognize and differentiate a company from other sellers. Branding involves creating a unique name, images, and logos for a product that settles in the mind of the customers. The uniqueness helps the customers to recognize a particular product, establish fondness and build trust. Brading is one of the marketing practices that aims to place a remarkable presence in the market, attract customers, develop confidence, enhance their experience and retain them for a longer time.

Differences Between Marketing and Branding

Basis Marketing Branding
Meaning A range of activities carried out by the company to bring together buyers and sellers to promote an exchange of goods and services is Marketing. Branding is the practice of assigning a brand name to a product, that helps consumers recognize and identify the company producing it.
What it does do? Cultivates customers. Builds customer loyalty.
Influence Motivates customers to buy products immediately. Influence customers to buy a product by leaving an impact in their minds.
Creates Aims at creating customer needs. Creates a healthy and strong relationship with a customer.
Policy Push customers to buy. Pull customers to buy.
Generates Needs. Relationship.
Target Audience Marketing is for business. Branding is for Customers.
Value Promotes intended value. Creates value.
Result Marketing results in sales. Branding brings reputation.
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