What is Sales Display? Objectives of Sales Display

Sales Display

Sales displays are in-store presentations and exhibitions of the products along with relevant information, believing in the concept of ‘’come and get it, we have it’’. Effective displays increase the interest of the shoppers in the products on display and lead to increasing the level of the pass-by ratio and hence sales.  Sales displaying have come to form an integral part of store atmospherics and play a useful role in retail store promotions.

Even though the sophisticated marketing mechanism provides us with the latest methods of selling like sale by grades-by description us with the latest methods of selling like sale by grades-by description, still sale by inspection is predominant in cases of products where buyers are not satisfied with mere newspaper or magazine advertising. They insist on inspection prior to the decision to buy. A show-room is specially designed room or room-cum-office, rented or owned, located in the prominent place of the sales territory used mainly for display, demonstration and after-sales services. Practically all the industrial and consumer durable manufacturing houses have their show-rooms in all the important cities of the country.

The method of merchandise display can have a dramatic impact on image and space productivity. Different merchandise presentation methods have been shown to strongly influence buying habits and stimulate consumers to purchase more. There is a certain ” psychology of merchandise presentation”. Which must be carefully considered in developing merchandise presentation schemes.

Objectives of Sales Display

  1. Drive brand image and brand sales.
  2. Strengthen brand awareness and support brand recognition at the point-of-sale.
  3. Increase sales and multiple sales through the presentation of merchandise, windows and POS material.
  4. Present concept and colour, coordinate merchandise.
  5. Create comfortable, enjoyable, and exciting shopping environment for consumers.
  6. Bring about maximum product exposure.
  7. Provide sales and product information to customers.
  8. Ensure security and allow strong of stock.
  9. Generate additional sales through impulse buying.