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What is Two Lines Of Symmetry?

Symmetry means The balanced and proportionate similarity between two halves of an object. In other words, one half is the mirror image of another half. It is a must to understand the concept of line of symmetry. Ex: When you fold the heart shape paper, the paper is folded from the center to get the perfect symmetry of the heart. When you open the folded heart, you can find the line on the center of the heart from where it is cut into two halves. This file which cuts the heart into two equal parts is known as the Line of Symmetry.

When an image looks identical to the original image after the shape is being turned or flipped, then it is called symmetry. It exists in patterns. You may have often heard of the term in day-to-day life. It is a balanced and proportionate similarity found in two halves of an object, that is, one-half is the mirror image of the other half. And a shape that is not symmetrical is referred to as asymmetrical. Symmetric objects are found all around us, in nature, architecture, and art.

Two Lines of Symmetry Shapes

Some figures can be divided into two equal parts with two lines. Ex: Rectangle, Rhombus, and Alphabets like H and X .

Symmetry-Line of Symmetry

Three Lines Symmetry

It is an equilateral triangle. Here, the mirror line passes from the vertex to the opposite side dividing the triangle into two equal right triangles.

Four Lines Symmetry

It can be seen in a square, that has all the sides equal.

Infinite lines

Some figures have not one or two, but infinite lines passing through the center, and the figure is still symmetrical. Example: Circle.