Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound is a breed of dog developed as a hunter in the hill country of Afghanistan. It was once thought to have originated several thousand years ago in Egypt, but there is no evidence for this theory. It was brought to Europe in the late 19th century by British soldiers returning from the Indian-Afghan border wars. Other names for this breed are Tāzī, Balkh Hound, Baluchi Hound, Barakzai Hound, Shalgar Hound, Kabul Hound, Galanday Hound, or sometimes incorrectly African Hound. They have the ability to run and turn well.  There are at least 13 types known in Afghanistan, and some are being developed into modern purebred breeds.

A long-legged dog, the Afghan stands 63.5 to 68.5 cm high and weighs from 23 to 27 kg. It has floppy ears, a long topknot, and a long, silky coat of various but usually solid colors. The coat is especially heavy on the forequarters and hindquarters; the Afghan carries its slim tail in an upright curve. The Afghan’s appearance has been described as “aristocratic, with a farseeing expression.” The male Afghan Hound is generally between 68 to 74 centimeters long, while the female is between 60 to 69 centimeters. Both the male and the female Afghan Hound weigh between 24 to 34 kilograms.

The lifespan of Afghan Hound

In various surveys conducted within the UK, Afghan Hounds were shown to have an average lifespan of about 12 years, similar to other breeds of their size. In the 2004 UK Kennel Club survey, the most common causes of death were cancer 31%, old age 20%, cardiac 10.5%, and urologic 5%. Those that died of old age had a median lifespan of 12 years, with 12% living to at least 14.

Price Of The Afghan Hound In India

The price of the Afghan Hound between 60,000 – 80,000 USD. In case you were wondering, it is extremely unlikely that you will find one in a shelter home either. So your best bet is speaking to breeders or figuring out a way to import an Afghan Hound.

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