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What are Insectivorous Plants?

Insectivorous plants are the plant that derives their nutrition by feeding on insects and other organisms. Insectivorous means insect-eating, these plants derive most of their nutrition from the insects, that they trap and consume. These plants grow in humid areas, where plenty of sunlight and moisture are found. They are found in nitrogen-deficient soil. That is why they trap and digest insects to absorb nutrients. Venus flytrap, pitcher plant, and cobra lily are some of the insectivorous plants’ names. They are often called Carnivorous plants.

Characteristics of Insectivorous Plants

Types of Traps In Insectivorous Plants

The trapping mechanisms are designated as active or passive depending upon whether they move to capture the prey or not. The different types of traps found in insectivorous plants are mentioned below:

Examples of Insectivorous Plants

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