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What is Soil Conservation?

Soil conservation is defined as the prevention of loss of the topmost layer of the soil. In essence, it is protecting dirt from the many troubles that dirt is susceptible to. It is necessary at many different stages in the life cycle. It is the act of preventing soil from being eroded and from losing its fertility because of things like over usage, acidification, salinization, or contamination by manmade chemicals.

Prevention of Soil Conservation

  1. Afforestation: Planting new trees and plants is afforestation. We live because plants live. If the plants die, all living things will also die. Thus, whenever trees are cut down new trees should be planted. Planting trees in hilly areas are most effective for conservation.
  2. Crop Rotation: Between harvesting one crop and planting the next crop, the fields lie bare; there is a period when the farmland does not have any crops. During this period, the farmer either grows grass or grows other crops to prevent soil from erosion. This helps the soil to regain the lost minerals.
  3. Terrace Farming: In hilly areas, farming is done by cutting steps on the slopes of the hills. This slows down the flow of water and soil removed from one step is deposited on the next step. Thus, the soil is never completely lost. This is terrace farming.
  4. Building Dams: Dams are built to prevent floods, which not only damage the crops but also wash away the topsoil.
  5. Shelterbelts: The cover of plants and trees around the field also breaks the speed of strong winds and protects the soil from being blown away.
  6. Embankments: Bib strong structures called embankments along the banks of the river can protect fields from floods. These embankments prevent the fast overflowing rivers and rainwater from washing away a huge amount of rich fertile soil.
  7. Van Mahotsav: It is an annual tree-planting festival started by the Government of India. This program aims to create awareness about the need for the conservation of forests and soil.

Soil Erosion

Prevention of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a serious environmental issue. Steps should be taken to curb this problem. Following are some of the methods of soil erosion prevention:

  1. Plant trees on barren lands to limit erosion of soil.
  2. Add mulch and rocks to prevent the plants and grass underneath prevent soil erosion.
  3. Mulch matting can be used to reduce erosion on the slopes.
  4. Put a series of fiber logs to prevent any water or soil from washing away.
  5. A wall at the base of the slope can help in preventing the soil from eroding.
  6. Every household should have a proper drainage system so that water flows down into proper water collecting systems.

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