What is Squirting?

Squirting refers to ejaculation from the vagina. Some people call it female ejaculation. People who squirt often report producing a relatively large volume of fluid. The sensations associated with squirting vary from person to person. Some people report more intense orgasms or a change in their orgasm patterns. Others report specific sensations associated with G-spot stimulation, such as tingling or a mild need to urinate.
Many anecdotal accounts and most scientific research into squirting emphasize the importance of G-spot stimulation. However, the 2013 study found that this ejaculation resulted from various types of stimulation. The researchers also found that:

  • Participants were more likely to squirt when masturbating than when having sex with a partner.
  • Squirting usually occurred at orgasm.
  • Many study participants highlighted the importance of “letting go” and relaxing.

Overall, G-spot stimulation remains the most popular recommendation. For anyone looking to squirt for the first time, it may help to focus on the G-spot.Squirting

What is Squirting or Female Ejaculation?
During sex, some people with vulvas experience the involuntary emission of fluid. Getting this fluid known as “squirting” or “female ejaculation”.

Squirting When Masturbating

A person may find it easier to squirt when masturbating, rather than during sex with a partner because they can focus entirely on their own sensations and adjust accordingly. To find the G-spot, first, get comfortable. Next, use fingers or a sex toy to stimulate the front wall of the vagina, beginning about a third of the way up. A person may experience a tingling sensation or the need to urinate when they locate their G-spot. To intensify the pleasure, try stimulating the clitoris as well.

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