What is Water Management?

Water management is a process of developing, optimizing, and planning water resources via many practices which are defined by many policies and regulations. With the increase in the population which has been doubled to over 6 billion people from 1900, the use of water has popped up to 600%. According to the statistics, the health of people is threatened by inadequate access to clean water for drinking and sanitation. As we know that proper water management is necessary for the conservation of water. Thus, civic authorities need to take care of these issues while supplying water to our homes.

Types of Water Management

Water resource management traditionally involves managing water storage and water flows. Clients will need to invest in institutional reinforcement, information management, and (natural and man-made) infrastructure development to enhance water security against this backdrop of rising demand, water scarcity, growing uncertainty, greater extremes, and fragmentation challenges.

Some of the ways to save water are as follows :

Water harvesting: The technique to save water is called water harvesting. It can be done by two major processes:

  1. Rainwater harvesting: It’s a method of collection and storage of rainwater into natural tanks or reservoirs.
  2. Groundwater harvesting: Groundwater harvesting is a method to save water placed under the ground.
  3. Drip irrigation: In this method, the irrigation is done through dripping water slowly to the roots of various crops, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root
  4. Rainwater harvesting: In this method, the rainwater is stored in big ponds or other things. This stored water can be re-used in the future.
  5. Water-saving habits: There are various wise habits to conserve water. Like Fixing leaky taps, lesser use of water during washing the clothes, taking a quick shower instead of long baths.
  6. Sustainable Water Management: ‘Save water’ campaigns are essential to make people everywhere aware of the dangers of water scarcity. Several measures need to be taken for the better management of the world’s water resources.

Water Management

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