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Difference Between XML and HTML

What is XML?

XML is a markup language that is designed to store data. It is popularly used for the transfer of data. It is case-sensitive. XML offers you to define markup elements and generate customized markup language. The basic unit in the XML is known as an element. Extension of XML file is .xml

What is HTML?

HTML is the markup language that helps you to create and design web content. It has a variety of tags and attributes for defining the layout and structure of the web document. It is designed to display data in a formatted manner. A HTML document has the extension .htm or .html. You can edit HTML code in any basic code editor, even notepad. The edited code can be executed in any browser. Browsers render the tags used and present the content you want to display with or without applied formatting.

Difference Between XML and HTML



The full form is eXtensible Markup Language The full form is HyperText Markup Language
The main purpose is to focus on the transport of data and saving the data Focuses on the appearance of data. Enhances the appearance of text
It is dynamic because it is used in the transport of data HTML is static because its main function is in the display of data
It is case-sensitive. The upper and lower case needs to be kept in mind while coding It is not case-sensitive. Upper and lower case are of not much importance in HTML
You can define tags as per your requirement but closing tags are mandatory It has its pre-defined tags and it is not necessary to have closing tags
XML can preserve white spaces White spaces are not preserves in HTML
eXtensible Markup Language is content-driven and not many formatting features are available Hypertext Markup Language, on the other hand, is presentation-driven. How the text appears is of utmost importance
Any error in the code shall not give the outcome Small errors in the coding can be ignored and the outcome can be achieved
The size of the document may be large No lengthy documents. Only the syntax needs to be added for best-formatted output