Difference Between Internet and Ethernet

Ethernet and Internet both are network types that are used to connect computers. However, the scope and range of these networks differ. The Ethernet is a local area network which connects computers in a local location. There are thousands and hundreds of thousands of Ethernet networks. The internet, on the other hand, is a massive wide area network that computers far away can connect to in order to access information. There is only one internet, however. It can be said that the internet is a network of networks.

Ethernet and internet difference

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a computer network that is generally used in LAN. Ethernet is not only used in LAN but also in MAN and in WAN. Some computers in an office can be connected together to share files by using Ethernet technology. This connection can be of a wired connection or wireless connection. There are many versions of this technology. Computers that are connected by ethernet can be connected to the Internet.

What is Internet?

The internet is the global system to connect interconnected computer networks. It uses Internet Protocol suits to connect networks around the world. This network of networks includes private, public, academic, business networks. The internet is generally called ‘the net’. A computer in this network can get information from any other computer if the computer has access permission to the other computer. A lot of services are given on the internet. Services such as electronic mail, file sharing among computers are so common. The most common service that is provided by the internet is hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW).

Advantages of Ethernet

    1. Ethernet is used for sharing files and data among a bunch of computers.
    2. In this network, computers can share specific software and use them.
    3. Computers in this network system can share hardware such as a printer, modem etcetera.
    4. Computers can communicate with each other by using the software.

Advantages of Internet

  1. Chat: By using IRC, people can join in live discussions on the internet.
  2. E-commercePeople can order products and services on the internet.
  3. E-mail: Electronic mail or E-mail can be sent to other people. E-mail can contain text, pictures, videos, files etcetera.
  4. Search Engines: Internet is so vast that if you want to find specific information, it becomes so difficult. But there are search engines to do this for you.
  5. FTP: File transfer protocol is used to share files between computers and networks via the internet.