Microsoft word: Short cut Keys for Ms-Word

Microsoft Word is one of the word editing application of the Ms-Office. Sometimes it’s called Winword, MS Word, or Word it is a word processor published by Microsoft. It is one of the office productivity applications included in Microsoft Office. Originally developed by Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie, it was first launched in 1983. It is available for different operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android, and Apple iOS. It could also be run on the Linux operating system using WINE.
Microsoft Word-logo

What is Ms-Word

Ms-Word allows you to create professional-quality documents, reports, letters, and resumes. Unlike a plain text editor, It has features including spell check, grammar check, text and font formatting, HTML support, image support, advanced page layout. The most current web-based version of Ms-Word is Office 365, but the software version of Microsoft Office 2019 includes Word 2019.

How to Start MS-Word

>> Click  on ‘Start’
>> Click on ‘All Programmes’
>> Click on ‘Microsoft Office’
>> Click on ‘Microsoft Office Word 2007’.
>> Click on ‘Start’
>> Click on ‘Run’
>> Type ‘winword’ and click on ‘OK’
>> Right click on ‘Desktop’
>> Click on ‘New’
>> Click on ‘Microsoft Office Word Document’
>> Now the ‘New Document’ is created on to the desktop
>> Double click on that ‘Document’ >>.
>> Click ‘Start’
>> Click on ‘Run’
>> Type ‘cmd’ and press ‘enter key’
>> Now type ‘ start winword’ and press ‘enter key’

Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word

Shortcuts Keys


Ctrl+N Create a new document
Ctrl+O Open an existing document
Ctrl+S Save a document
Ctrl+W Close a document
Ctrl+Z Undo an action
Ctrl+Y Redo an action
Alt+Ctrl+S Split a window or remove the split view
Ctrl+Alt+V Print Layout View
Outline View
Draft View
Search a document
Ctrl+A Select the entire document
Copy or graphics to the Clipboard text
Cut selected text or graphics to the Clipboard
Paste the Clipboard contents

Text Formatting Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italics
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+Shift+L Bulleted list
Ctrl+L Align left
Ctrl+R Align right
Ctrl+E Align center
Ctrl+[ Shrink font size
Ctrl+] Grow font size