OMR Full Form

OMR is an input device of the computer. It means Optical Mark Recognition. Optical Mark Recognition acknowledges human-created marks on a specially printed paper or journal used in experiments, surveys, and so on. It is widely used where a huge number of candidates apply and to evaluate data with consistency and immediate effect. Pieces of information from the documents can be read using the OMR reader.
A datasheet is scanned via a scanner that focuses a light beam on the form paper and identifies areas of minimal light transmission, i.e. marked areas reflecting less light compared to blank zones. It provides an error of less than 1 percent.

Uses of Optical Mark Recognition

  • Surveys.
  • Insurance and Banking applications.
  • Examinations.
  • Election.
  • Evaluation & Feedback form.


Advantages of OMR

  • Previously, a special type of paper, ink, and input reader were needed for the OMR systems that limited the questions being answered.
  • People may now ask the right questions and develop their models.
  • It takes less than five milliseconds on average for testing.
  • Users may use circles, marks, squares, ellipses of any kind.

Limitations of Optical Mark Recognition

  • Users can not gather large volumes of text as it complicates the results.
  • Data can be lost in large text.
  • Only multiple choice questions are favorable.

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