What is Web Browser?

Web Browser is a software application used to access information on the World Wide Web is called a Web Browser. When a user requests some information, the web browser fetches the data from a web server and then displays the webpage on the user’s screen.

Functions of Web Browser

Our dependency on the Internet has massively increased. Stated below are the functions of web browsers and how are they useful:

  • The main function is to retrieve information from the World Wide Web and making it available for users.
  • When a URL is entered in a browser, the web server takes us to that website.
  • To run Java applets and flash content, plugins are available on the web browser.
  • Browsers user internal cache which gets stored and the user can open the same webpage time and again without losing extra data.
  • Multiple webpages can be opened at the same time on a web browser.
  • Options like back, forward, reload, stop reload, home, etc. are available on these web browsers, which makes using them easy and convenient.


List of Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer (IE) is a product from Microsoft. This is the most commonly used browser in the universe. This was introduced in 1995 along with Windows 95 launch and it has passed Netscape popularity in 1998.
  • Google Chrome: It was developed by Google and its beta version was first released on September 2, 2008, for Microsoft Windows. It is the most popular web browsers with its global share of more than 50%.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Firefox is a new browser derived from Mozilla. It was released in 2004 and has grown to be the second most popular browser on the Internet.
  • Safari: Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. and included in Mac OS X. It was first released as a public beta in January 2003. Safari has very good support for the latest technologies like XHTML, CSS2, etc.
  • Opera: It is smaller and faster than most other browsers. Java and non-Java-enabled versions available. Ideal for newcomers to the Internet, school children, handicap and as a front-end for CD-Rom and kiosks.
  • UC Browser: A popular browser for both desktop and mobile devices. Tabbed browsing and fast startup make it a popular choice for thousands of users. Full download manager and full-screen browsing ads on nicely.

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